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We supply our clients with the best quality Liquid Petroleum Gas available in various sizes & even in bulk throughout the greater Ajman area. With an impressive track record, our products comply with all environmental and safety regulations and is an Authorized Distributor of Emirates Gas since 1991. Make sure you get the best supplies for your business or home today. Contact us for more information about this and other products available at Bader Gas Supply Est.

We supply LPG in a variety of sizes:

  • 44 kg (100 lbs) with Liquid-Off-Take Valves - Suitable for Restaurants and Mass Production Food Industries 

  • 44 kg (100 lbs) - Suitable for Restaurants

  • 22 kg (50 lbs) - Suitable for Homes

  • 11 kg (25 lbs) - Suitable for Homes

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